Saskatchewan Certificate of Recognition (COR®) Program


Westcan Vac Services is COR certified!

The Certificate of Recognition (COR®) program is an occupational health and safety program designation verifying that a company has a fully-implemented health and safety program that meets national standards. COR is nationally trademarked and is endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA), including the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA). The objective of COR is to  provide companies with the knowledge and tools to develop effective health and safety management systems to identify weaknesses that can lead to costly workplace injuries and incidents.

COR is the national standard in safety recognition in the safety industry and its objective is to to reduce incidents and their associated human and financial costs. COR certification is now frequently required as a pre-qualification and/or condition of contract by public and private buyers of construction across Canada. A significant number of industry-leading Saskatchewan companies are COR certified.


SARRC (Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery)


Westcan joined SARRC as a regisistered 'Collector' in September 2017.  Since then, we have been able to offer our customers recycling, reduction and reuse options for their waste oils, fluids, aerosols, filters and plastics.  Westcan is committed to finding the most environmentally responsible and cost efficient ways to handle any waste products including hazardous materials, corrosive solvents, acids and process plant/milling by-products.

Our environmental partners include:

Saskatchewan Research Council- SRC 

  • Newalta
  • Crown and Shred
  • Miller Environmental
  • Plains Environmental
  • HD Industries
  • Notre Dame Used Oil Recycling
  • Wheat City Steel Recycling
  • Tervita